Vibes Gallery


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our ‘Vibes Gallery’ frame collection. Each frame is a visual symphony featuring the Vaporwave Aesthetic Statue, Radiate Positivity, Rock N Roll Themed Metal Sign, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, skull-candle, TV Head, Vintage 90s, Chase Lawrence Ryan Winnen Joe Memmel Coin (band), Mac Demarco Metal, and the uplifting Good Vibes. Embrace the eclectic mix of aesthetics, personalities, and musical influences captured in these frame.

Dimension: 37 X 26

Product Description

Enter the captivating ‘Vibes Gallery,’ where each frame unfolds a visual tapestry of diverse aesthetics, personalities, and musical influences. Carefully curated, this collection tells a unique story through frames like the Vaporwave Aesthetic Statue, exuding surreal electronic landscapes, and the uplifting Radiate Positivity, inspiring joy. Pay homage to rock with the edgy Rock N Roll Themed Metal Sign, embrace love with the ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE frame, and delve into the mystique with the Skull-Candle artwork. Traverse eras with the ponder modern media with the TV Head, and relive the ’90s with the Vintage 90s. Celebrate Coin (band) and Mac Demarco’s vibes, and spread positivity with the Good Vibes. Each frame in this eclectic gallery is a visual narrative, inviting you into a world where music and art seamlessly converge, creating an enchanting exploration of diverse influences and aesthetics.

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